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Volunteer Mentoring

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Once you have completed a one-day volunteer orientation the next step is to enroll in our volunteer mentoring program.  During this program, you will participate in supervised volunteering alongside a more experienced volunteer.  They will help answer questions and give instructions as needed. When you have successfully completed the mentoring process you will be free to work on your own.

Below you will find a Google calendar with our experienced volunteers’ availability for mentoring.  Please choose 1-3 shifts and add your name to the schedule. We do require at least two weeks notice before a mentored shift in order to give the mentor adequate time to prepare.

Barn cleaning shifts are from 8:30am to 12:30pm and are shown in green.

Mentoring Process: Complete a minimum of 3 mentored shifts, and have cleaned chickens and potbellies at least once to complete the mentoring process. Your mentor will notify the volunteer coordinator when you have completed your mentoring process, at which point you are free to book shifts directly with volunteer management.

During your barn cleaning mentoring process, you are responsible for learning the following:

  • Layout of each barn
  • Location of cleaning supplies
  • Order of cleaning routine
  • Understand how routine benefits the animals

Click Here to add yourself to the barn cleaning calendar.

Socialization shifts are from 10:00am to 12:00pm or 12:00pm to 2:00pm and are shown in purple.

Mentoring Process: Socialize with each species a minimum of 3 times with a mentor before evaluation to come independently. Because socializing involves going in with animals without supervision, evaluation will be coordinated with mentor and animal care staff.

During your animal socializing mentoring process, you are responsible for learning the following for each species:

  • How to approach them
  • Animal Behavior and Observation Skills
  • Rescue Stories (at least 2 per species)
  • Species-Specific Treats: amount, prep, how to feed

Click here to add yourself to the socialization calendar.




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  1. Elise Davis says:

    I’d like to scold tree to socialize with the animals.
    How do I sign up for orientation?