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Volunteer Orientation Sign-up

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Volunteer orientations will introduce you to Animal Place’s mission and programs, give you a tour of the sanctuary so you can meet the residents, and provide training so you’re ready to get started with your first volunteer job. At the end of the orientation, you will be able to sign up for your first volunteer shift! If you have any questions about our volunteer program, please contact antonio@animalplace.org

Volunteer orientations are held monthly and focus on assisting with animal care or guided sanctuary tours. We request a $30 donation to attend an orientation, which will also get you an Animal Place shirt of your choice! 

Upcoming Orientations:

If you haven’t already done so, please fill out a volunteer application and you will be notified when the next orientation is scheduled.




10 Responses so far.

  1. I’d like to combine my orientation with some volunteer work. It would be best since I would be traveling from NC.

    I would not be able to come until late March onward & other times of the year.

  2. Jocelyn Davis says:

    Can’t wait to attend!

  3. Joy Chung says:

    I am unable to attend on the choices above, but I can at another time.

  4. Valerie Trofin says:

    Just completed a volunteer application. I would like to assist with any work around your upcoming chicken rescue. Since I live over 3 hrs away, it would be just for one day. The Instagram post encouraged me to ask. Not sure if I could be of any use, but I would love to help out. I have not attended a volunteer orientation.
    I did recently adopt 3 of your hens and hopefully will adopt two more.

  5. Denise says:

    I was wondering when the next volunteer orientation may be scheduled for. I’d like to start volunteering (Vacaville location), but guess I need to attend an orientation first. Thanks, Denise

  6. Adam P says:

    Hello, I filled out the volunteer application and am wondering when the next volunteer orientation is. I would like to start volunteering as soon as possible. Thanks, Adam