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We did it!

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We did it! YOU did it!  More than 1,400 supporters donated and helped raise $156,521 for the 2020 Rescue Medical Fund. Thank you!

Thanks to anonymous donors, $32,500 of the donations were TRIPLED. 

Your donations refilled the life-saving Rescue Medical Fund and will help animals like Samuel and Peaches.

Samuel is a survivor of the dairy industry and never nursed from his own mother. Peaches the piglet is from a hoarding case where more than 200 pigs were confined in dirt lots without much food and water. 

With your contributions, we can provide Samuel & Peaches food, medical care, warm bedding, coats for cold nights, vaccines, antibiotics, and all the care they need.

Samuel will be getting his abdominal neutering next week. It requires anesthesia and hospitalization, which your donations cover! He is the first recipient of the 2020 Rescue Medical Fund!

Thank you for supporting Samuel, Peaches, and all the animals at the sanctuary. Your support makes everything we do for animals possible. 

Have a wondrous and Happy New Year!

5 Responses so far.

  1. Anne McLaughlin says:

    My donation was given to support animal care in Australia…is this correct?

    • Claire C says:

      Hi Anne, Animal Place is located in California, and we do not provide care for animals in Australia. We care for nearly 400 animals who have been rescued from a variety of backgrounds (neglect, at risk of slaughter, etc.). I hope that helps! Thanks, Claire

  2. teresa says:


  3. Brenda Terry says:

    Congrats on raising the money needed to help the animals at Animal Place for the medical fund!! 🙂