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5 Ways to Celebrate World Vegan Day

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Happy World Vegan Day! On November 1st, vegans around the world celebrate their veganism, and the positive impact it has on animals, people, and the environment! Celebrate today, with one or more of the suggestions below! 

Share a vegan meal with family and friends! Getting together with loved ones, to enjoy delicious animal-free food, is good for the soul. Not only is it a wonderful way to get in some quality time, it is also an opportunity to start a conversation about veganism.

Visit a sanctuary! What better way to celebrate than hanging out with rescued animals? Connect with individuals who have been saved from terrible situations, and reflect on how your choices support animal liberation! We encourage you to bring a non-vegan family member or friend to share the experience with you. Find a sanctuary near you: sanctuaries.org 

Treat yourself to a vegan specialty item! Indulge in vegan brittle, or a vegan jerky pack!

Share why you’re vegan on social media! Sharing why you’re vegan is a great way to encourage others in your life to consider veganism! While you’re at – make sure to tag us in your post! We’re @_animalplace on instagram! 

Donate to your favorite vegan organization! If you’d like to support Animal Place, you can donate here. 



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  1. aissa says:

    thanks for all this support to animals people shold know about animals and take care about them am trying my best too to help so be voice for animals