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“Every day you care for your animals. You and your people do what I can’t. So when the time to pierce the veil comes, I can look down at Earth and know that some gentle, loving animals are being helped at Animal Place. Sometimes, even brought back from death despite horrific injuries or illness. I’ll be at peace then, knowing that somewhere an animal is receiving the care he/she needed because of my gift.” – Steve, Zelda Legacy Circle member

No matter your age, you can make a gift in your Will or Trust for Animal Place to provide refuge for farmed animals. 

The Zelda Legacy Circle is named in honor of the first official resident of Animal Place. Zelda, the piglet, was brought to a humane society, where Animal Place co-founder Kim Sturla worked. Staff reveled in bringing Zelda peanut butter sandwiches, quickly bonding with her.

As staff rushed to find a no-slaughter home for Zelda, the shelter hosted a fundraising event where pork was served. Shocked by the disconnect, Kim took Zelda home and Animal Place was born.

Zelda lived 12 years and was a gentle but fierce soul. She protected her friends and welcomed new pigs with kindness. 

Like Zelda, members of our Zelda Legacy Circle are fierce protectors of animals, leaving a legacy of compassion for years to come.

Today, it is easier than ever to create a Will or Living Trust. We’ve partnered with FreeWill: a free online resource that guides you through making this contribution, and building a legacy with Animal Place. Without you, there is no us. 

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What legacy will YOU leave? 

You can also donate from your retirement account as part of your Will or Trust, which can have significant tax savings for your heirs and estate. 

Have you already made a gift to Animal Place in your will or trust?  Please fill out this form so we can say thank you and keep our records up-to-date! 

Live in California? California has one of the longest and most expensive probate processes in the country. If you have property or assets, we recommend you look into creating a Revocable Living Trust (RLT). This will save your heirs time and money, and ensure your funds are put to your intended use.

Have questions? Email our Director of Fund Development Marji Beach at marji@animalplace.org or 530-477-1757 x 208