Adoptable Chickens

Adoption times are by appointment only. Please only show up to our facilities with an appointment.

Our facilities are in Grass Valley (Sierra Foothills) and Petaluma, both in California. For the most part, adopters must pick up hens at one of these locations. Occasionally, we set up adoption events in northern California and rarely in southern California.

Adoption Fees: Fees are nominal and cover a small portion of each rescue. We currently do not adopt more than ten chickens to one person. We require chickens to be kept in a flock and not in social isolation. The adoption fee is $10 per chicken.

Current Bird Population: 354 Vega Brown (red sex link) hens and 4 roosters (available March 2nd) 

To start the adoption process, please fill out the adoption form below. Animals are placed into companion homes only.

If you have problems filling out the form, please email us.

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