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    You can help a hen

    You can help us take in 700 hens from a free-range egg farm at our Rescue & Adoption Center. Your support will cover all costs of their care for the first two weeks!

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    Help buy water tanks

    You can help with our water conservation efforts and keep our animals hydrated with a gift today.

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We're hiring!

Put your compassion into action! Apply to work with a team of dedicated individuals working to make this world a kinder place for farmed animals. We are hiring a full-time animal caregiver and a part-time barn cleaner.

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Qualified Charitable Distributions

If you are 70.5 or older with a traditional IRA, you’re eligible for one of the most tax-savvy ways to support Animal Place: donating directly from your IRA. This is also called a qualified charitable distribution.

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Pledge to Have a Turkey-Friendly Thanksgiving!

Did you know that an estimated 46 million turkeys are slaughtered for Thanksgiving every year in the United States? Pledge to have a Turkey-Friendly Thanksgiving!

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  • 700 Hens on the Road to Sanctuary

    On October 20, 2021, Animal Place staff traveled to a pasture-based egg farm to pick up 700 hens. Whether farms use pasture-based, cage free, free range or caged systems, all hens farmed for eggs are eventually killed. This typically happens when the birds reach 1 1/2 -2 years of age. The hens’ egg laying declines […]

  • Ideas and Recipes for an Easy Vegan Thanksgiving

    Are you lost in the dark about a vegan Thanksgiving?  We’ve got your back! This easy guide is just the beginning of what a turkey-friendly table can look like. In this article are several links to not only show you what to eat, but how to prepare dishes using simple recipes. Feeling extra creative? Get started experimenting early, […]

  • The Truth About Turkey Farming

    The lives of wild turkeys are fascinating. With glorious iridescent feathers that shine in the sun, flight speeds of up to fifty miles per hour, and complex social groups of up to 200 individuals, these birds are truly an underrated treasure. It’s easy to be captivated by turkeys. It’s no wonder that the bodies of […]

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