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Animal Place is home to nearly 300 rescued animals — Chickens, turkeys, bunnies, sheep, goats, pigs, cows, and donkeys! These rescued residents (past and present) are ambassadors for the billions of land animals we cannot save. We invite you to learn their stories!

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Dolly and Studley (may he rest in peace) were rescued as “bummer” lambs from two separate farms. The term “bummer” lamb refers to a lamb that has been abandoned by their mother, often leading to neglect and abandonment on large-scale farms. The initial rescuer, unable to provide continued care, sought our assistance. Recognizing the dire circumstances, we graciously took them in at our sanctuary, where they found solace and companionship. We are honored to have been able to offer Dolly, Studley, and their feathery counterparts a secure and nurturing environment, ensuring their well-being and happiness. Dolly is a shy sheep who likes spending time with her sheep friends. She doesn’t want much attention from humans, and we understand and respect her wishes! Even though she is quiet and keeps to herself, she has a strong and kind presence that shows how brave and gentle she is.


In loving memory of Belle. Meet Belle, a special resident at Animal Place who is loved by everyone. She’s a friendly goat who loves being around people! She enjoys exploring her beautiful pasture with visitors. Belle is very curious and always kind to others. Her kind and sweet disposition make her a favorite resident for many.   Belle was raised on a goat dairy, where she was used for dairy production. When her reproductive abilities waned, the dairy farm deemed her “unproductive” and “unprofitable.”   Instead of selling her for slaughter, they made a compassionate exception and found her a new home at Animal Place. Now Belle is happy and safe at the sanctuary, where she can live her life freely. She enjoys every moment of her newfound freedom.


Jellybean and Mr. G the goat (rest in peace) lived on a property with a hoarder for years. When the hoarder was injured and could no longer care for them, we took in Mr. G. We quickly found that he was not eating. With the help of our veterinarian, we discovered he was deeply depressed. He missed his best friend, Jellybean, the donkey. So, we picked her up to reunite them. They were so happy to be together again! Mr. G was instantly better and started eating. The donkey and goat duo lived together for many years after that. Jellybean now shares a pasture space with her donkey friend Jujube. Jellybean has a big personality and can be quite sassy! They spend their days exploring and grazing in their pasture. They enjoy weekly visits from their volunteer friends who take them on walks, feed them treats, and groom them.


Jujube was being given away for free on Craigslist. At the time, we were searching for a new donkey resident to keep rescued donkey, Jellybean, company. We were able to take her in, and now the two donkeys are living in harmony. They spend their days exploring and grazing in their pasture. They enjoy weekly visits from their volunteer friends who take them on walks, feed them treats, and groom them.


Meet Alfalfa, a resilient and lovable bunny who has overcome challenging circumstances. Found abandoned in a city park alongside his mother and siblings, they faced grave risks posed by wildlife, dogs, and the unforgiving elements. Fortunately, an impassioned animal activist intervened, saving them all. We welcomed Alfalfa and his sibling Sprout, providing them sanctuary and life-long care. Alfalfa finds solace in the company of Sprout and their companion, Celeste. It’s heartwarming to see their special bond. They enjoy exploring their spacious yard, finding peaceful, relaxing spots under the comforting shade of tall trees.


Grace is a brave rabbit who was rescued from a research laboratory alongside her fellow companions, Jingle, Snowball, and Yuki. Once trapped in a world of confinement and uncertainty, they have found solace and security at Animal Place. Grace’s journey to freedom and safety is a testament to her resilience. With your support, we can continue to provide Grace and her cherished friends the care, love, and peace they truly deserve. Join us in giving these remarkable rabbits a brighter future filled with joy and contentment!


Lucy’s journey began when she was discovered running loose in Southern California. Subsequently, she was subjected to an auction, where she was acquired by a group of dedicated dog rescuers who recognized her dire circumstances. Guided by their unwavering compassion, they transported Lucy to Animal Place, where she found solace and care. This resilient and independent pig takes pleasure in her leisurely days, finding respite through restful napping. By supporting us, you contribute to Lucy’s ongoing welfare, ensuring she receives nourishment, a comfortable environment, and necessary veterinary attention. Join us in celebrating Lucy’s rescue and providing her with the fulfilling life she truly deserves.

Ivan and Mishka

Ivan and Mishka are two remarkable rescued pigs. They were born on a small family farm and used for entertainment in a petting zoo at a pumpkin patch. At the end of the fall season, the pumpkin patch intended to sell them for slaughter. Thankfully, a compassionate volunteer intervened, rescuing Ivan and Mishka. The same volunteer successfully advocated for the pumpkin patch to abandon the use of live animals. With his gentle and kind nature, Mishka finds joy in connecting with others. Ivan, assertive yet friendly and endlessly curious, embodies a spirit of exploration. Join us in providing them with a forever home filled with love and compassion.


Minnie arrived at Animal Place in 2018 under distressing circumstances. An individual presented Minnie confined in the trunk, making ominous threats of harm if we declined to provide her refuge. Tragically, Minnie exhibited signs of distress. Her limbs were tightly bound by duct tape, and her face was visibly swollen. We promptly removed the restraints and relocated her to a quiet barn where she could recover. Initially apprehensive towards humans and fellow sheep, Minnie’s gradual transformation unfolded as she began to acclimate to her surroundings and find solace at Animal Place.

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