Tours are 1.5 hours long and open for booking dependent on availability. We offer a variety of tours at our 600-acre sanctuary in Grass Valley, California. Please see the details below.

There are picnic spots available for you to enjoy lunch after your visit. All food must be vegan: Please do not bring meat (including chicken and fish), dairy (milk, cheese, etc), eggs or honey onto the property. Peanut butter sandwiches, hummus, beans, green salads, fruits and veggies are a few suitable alternatives. This is out of respect for the animals at the sanctuary, most of whom would have been killed for consumption if Animal Place had not been there for them.

Visitor dogs are not permitted at the sanctuary. This is for their safety and that of the animals. Please leave companion dogs at home.

The animal residents and staff at Animal Place are looking forward to your visit. Come spend time with Belle the goat, Maxwell the pig, and everyone else!

Types of Tours:

Guided Public Tours

Visit with some of the 300 rescued farmed animals who call Animal Place home and learn about their history. Due to the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza our chickens, turkeys, and guinea fowl are quarantined for their safety and will not be accessible to the public. You will be able to spend time with goats, sheep, bunnies, and pigs.

Tours last 1.5 hours and entail a lot of walking on flat ground. The facility is wheelchair accessible, although there are some rocky portions of the property.

You must wear long pants and boots (which we will provide). Socks are not provided, please bring your own. We share the property with wildlife, including rattlesnakes. Boots provide added protection when interacting directly with the large animals.


Self-Guided Tours

Animal Place welcomes drop-in visitors Tuesday-Thursday from 10:00-4:00 pm. Year-round.

Check-in at the education center (the white house) for a map of the property. You will not have direct contact with the animals. You might see the animals grazing or lounging about, but for safety and liability reasons, you cannot enter their pastures (for a more intimate tour, please see Guided Public Tours above).

Clothing Recommendation: We share the property with native predators, including rattlesnakes. Our recommendation is to wear closed-toed shoes. You should remain on the designated paths and not wander into tall grasses or rocky areas.

Private Tours

We offer private tours year-round. There is no minimum number of people required to attend a private tour. However, a minimum donation of $150 is required for a tour up to 6. Private tours last 1.5 hours.

Please send us an email to check availability!


School Tours

We encourage the promotion of humane education, and to facilitate that we offer school groups the opportunity to visit our sanctuary.

We ask for a donation of $3-5/child and require a chaperone:child ratio of 1:5.

Children get the opportunity to interact directly with the animals at the sanctuary, learn how they are housed, fed and cared for and also where they came from. We do promote veganism in a gentle, compassionate manner.

Please send us an email to check availability!

College & University Tours

Learning about farmed animals in a sanctuary setting is a unique opportunity for students studying agriculture or environmental sciences. The life of sanctuary animals is far different than animals raised on most farms in the country. Offering another perspective is an integral aspect of learning and critical thinking.

Students get an opportunity to interact directly with many of the animals at the sanctuary. They will learn the animals’ histories along with current housing, medical treatment, and care for the animals.

Tours last 1.5 hours. We ask for a donation of $5/student.

Please send us an email to check availability!


Join our Moo-News and stay informed on the happenings at Animal Place as well as ways you can help make this a kinder, more just world for farmed animals!