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Learn The Issues

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Get your learn on! One of the tactics animal agriculture uses is hiding the truth. Animals are hidden behind closed doors, down dirt roads, and out of sight. We encourage you to research these issues yourself and learn more about how farming harms other animals.

If you want to directly help farmed animals, the easiest choice you can make is trying a vegan lifestyle. By going vegan, you empower yourself as a consumer not to support, or benefit from, the cruel practices of animal farming. Consider this: For every one person that switches to a vegan lifestyle more than 1,500 animals are saved – the average number of animals consumed by just one person in their lifetime! And, by adopting a vegan diet you not only help the animals, you also help yourself. Numerous nutritional studies have proven that vegan diets are typically more healthful than those that include meat and dairy. Going vegan is also a powerful way to help the environment. Animal agriculture pollutes our land and air, is one of the leading causes of deforestation worldwide, and is an incredibly inefficient use of our planet’s precious resources.


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