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Placement AssitanceIf you are trying to place a farmed animal, please read the information below before contacting us about accepting the animal to our Rescue & Adoption Center. We suggest you take these four steps in finding a home for your animal.

(1) Include adoption information in one of our e-alerts

We can include information on the available animal in the e-alert. You need to provide a photo and fill out the Animal Place Placement Form below. We will post the e-alert 1-2 weeks after you submit the form. Please allow another two weeks for possible placement. If no potential adopter contacts you, please email us at marji@animalplace.org for further information. If your time-line is urgent, please specify that in the submission form. We cannot guarantee adoption.

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(2) Contact Other Sanctuaries

Visit www.sanctuaries.org and contact other sanctuaries regarding placement.

(3) Contact Your Shelters

Call your local Humane Society or SPCA and inquire about their policy of placing farmed animals and if they will accept the animal for placement. Animal Place, and other sanctuaries, take in critical care cases more frequently.

(4) Post the Information

Create a flier with the animal’s picture and all pertinent information and post it at animal hospitals that cater to the type of animal you are placing. Ask to place a flier at your local feed store. Consider posting an ad on craigslist. Please note: When posting at a feed store or on craigslist, ask for an adoption fee and expect to do a home check. Screening is of utmost importance when using these methods of advertisement. Remember to ask friends, family and coworkers to spread the word as well. If you are a member of online forums, consider asking the moderator to allow a posting of the animal for placement. Post to pertinent listservs as well.

Animal Place only considers accepting an animal after you have exhausted all avenues. If these suggestions do not work, and it has been more than 2-weeks since we posted your information please email us at marji@animalplace.org. We will let you know within 48-hours if Animal Place can accept or find placement for the animal. We have limited space, resources and must remain cognizant of who we can feasibly incorporate safely into our current population.

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Disclaimer* Your email and first name only, may be posted on social media sites (e.g. Facebook group: Farm Animals Needing Homes) and shared with previous adopters. If you are uncomfortable with your first name and email being shared publicly, please email kelcie@animalplace.org to set up an alternative means of contact.