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Welcome to Animal Place’s Adoptable Chicken Page

Adoption times are by appointment only. Please do not show up without an appointment.

Our facilities are located in Grass Valley (Sierra Foothills) and Petaluma, both in California. For the most part, adopters are expected to pick up hens at one of these locations. When possible, we set up adoption events in northern California and rarely in southern California.

Next rescue: 

Upcoming Adoption Events (by appointment only)

To start the adoption process, please fill out the adoption form below. Animals are placed into companion homes only.

Adoption Fees:
Fees are nominal and cover a small portion of each rescue. We currently do not adopt out more than 10 chickens to one person. Chickens must be maintained in a flock and not kept in social isolation. The adoption fee is $10 per chicken.

Current Bird Population: – No chickens are currently in need of adoption placement. Please check back soon!

2021 Rescues: 1,289
2020 Rescues: 2,033
2017 Rescues: 3,039
2016 Rescues: 3,768
2015 Rescues : 3,992
2014 Rescues : 3,910
2013 Rescues: 4,010
2012 Rescues: 4,483
2011 Rescues: 2,535
2010 Rescues: 390 (Rescue Ranch was started in August of 2010)

To start the adoption process, fill out the form below.

If you have problems filling out the form, please email us.

Do you own, rent, or lease?:*
I am legally zoned to house*
Provide Landlord Name & Contact Phone
I am (note: we adopt to qualified homes, regardless of diet)*
My interest in adopting (check all that apply)*
Do you currently have chickens?:*
How many chickens do you have?
What is the longest you have had a chicken live?
Age of your oldest chicken?
Have you taken your chicken to a veterinarian for treatment, if needed?
Have you had chickens in the past?
What is the longest you have had a chicken live to be?
What other domestic species live on your property (check all that apply):*
I am interested in adopting (check all that applies)*
How many hens?*
How many roosters? *
I plan on doing the following with the eggs (check all that apply)*
I will collect eggs:*
I have roosters*
I allow my hens to incubate eggs:
I purchase chicks/chickens from the feed store, mail order hatcheries, and/or breeders:*
These chickens may live another 4-10 years. Their egg production may decline in 1-3 years. Are you prepared to keep these hens the remainder of their lives?: *
Do you have an avian veterinarian?*
Veterinarian Name
Coop dimensions (where chickens sleep at night, e.g. 3'x5')*
My coop has (check all that apply):*
My coop includes (check all that apply): *
I clean out my coop:*
Dimension of outdoor run (e.g. 10'x20')*
Fencing Height (e.g. 6'). If fencing is chain link or field fencing, how large are the holes (e.g. 1"x1")*
My outdoor run includes (check all that apply):*
I clean my run:*
I have had chickens killed by predators in the past:*
Describe what happened and what, if anything, was done to fix the problem.
My predator protection includes (check all that apply): *
I feed my chickens:*
I collect feed before the birds are locked up at night?*
I keep chicken feed in an airtight container or a rodent proof shed?*
I use the following to control rodents (check all that apply):*
What is the best time to reach you by phone?:*
How did you hear about Animal Place's adoption program?: *
I'd like to:
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