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Adoptable Goats and Sheep

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All goats and sheep are vaccinated against CD/T, rabies and de-wormed.

Check with us to find out who is available.


To start the adoption process, please fill out the adoption form below.

I am interested in adopting:*
How many sheep/goats are you interested in adopting?: *
If you have male sheep or goats, are any of them intact?: *
If you have sheep/goats, what is their function(s) on your property? Check all that apply.: *
What other species reside on your property, besides companion dogs or cats?:*
Do you currently have sheep or goats? :*
Describe the housing provided to the animals:*
Describe your predator protection:*
Fencing Height and Type:*
Size of Outdoor Enclosure:*
Do you own, rent or lease?:*
Are you zoned for livestock?:*
What is your nearest livestock veterinarian?:*
What is your plan for the wool or hair?:*
Are you prepared to keep the sheep/goats for their natural lifespan with the understanding that Animal Place will always take back the sheep if something were to happen?:*
May an adoption specialist visit to look at the housing and pasture for the sheep?:*
Why would you like to adopt sheep/goats?:*
Can you transport the sheep/goats in a livestock/horse trailer? :*
How did you hear about Animal Place's Rescue Ranch Program? :*
I'd like to:*
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