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I am interested in adopting:*
If interested in farm pigs, do you understand they will reach 500-800 pounds? :*
If interested in potbellied pigs, even if a pig is labeled as a “mini-pig”, you understand that the pig may reach weights of 150-200 pounds?:*
How many pigs are you interested in adopting?:*
Do you currently have pigs or have you had pigs in the past, please specify what kind of pig you have/had?:*
If you have pigs are they spayed/neutered?:*
If you have pigs, what is their function(s) on your property? Check all that apply.:*
What other species reside on your property, besides companion dogs or cats?:*
Describe the housing provided to the animals:*
Describe your predator protection:*
Fencing Height and Type:*
How will you prevent your pig from escaping from your yard or pasture?:*
Size of Outdoor Enclosure:*
Is there a wading pond or wallow provided for hot weather? Please describe. :*
Do you own, rent or lease?:*
Are you zoned for livestock?:
What is your nearest livestock veterinarian?:*
Are you prepared to keep the pig(s) for their natural lifespan with the understanding that Animal Place will always take back the pig if something were to happen?:*
May an adoption specialist visit to look at the housing and pasture for the pig?:*
Why would you like to adopt a pig(s)?:*
In what way have you educated yourself on the proper care of a pig? :*
If you are interested in a potbellied pig can you provide transportation? :*
If you are interested in a farm pig can you transport the pig(s) in a livestock/horse trailer? :*
How did you hear about Animal Place's Rescue Ranch Program? :*
Are you interested in adopting other farm animals? Please list.:
I'd like to:*
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