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Adoptable Waterfowl

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Welcome to Animal Place’s Adoptable Waterfowl Page

Adoption times are by appointment only. Please do not show up without an appointment.

Our facilities are located in Grass Valley (Sierra Foothills) and Vacaville, both in California. For the most part, adopters are expected to pick up waterfowl at one of these locations. When possible, we set up adoption events in northern California and rarely in southern California.

If you are interested in adopting ducks, geese, or swans, please fill out our adoption form here. The adoption fee per bird is $10 for ducks and $20 per bird for geese or swans.

Please list all species (Domestic, companion) on your property?:*
What species of waterfowl are you interested in adopting?:*
How many are you interested in adopting?:*
Do you currently have waterfowl?:*
If yes, how many?:*
How old is your oldest waterfowl?:*
What are your plans for the eggs?:*
What are the dimensions of your coop (e.g. 8' X 6')?:*
Describe your predator protection:*
Fencing height and type:*
Size of outdoor enclosure:*
Will you email a coop photograph to adoption coordinator Kelcie Leach at kelcie@animalplace.org?: *
These chickens may live another 5-15 years. Are you prepared to keep these hens the remainder of their lives?: *
Are you zoned for poultry?:*
Do you own, rent, or lease?:*
Do you have an avian veterinarian? If yes, provide name and phone number: *
May an adoption specialist visit to look at the waterfowl enclosure?:*
Please share your interest and reasons for wishing to adopt chickens from Animal Place:
How did you hear about Animal Place's Rescue Ranch Program?:
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