Animal Place’s Humane Eating Guide


Do you know someone who wants to replicate the tastes of their childhood (or adulthood!) without the cruelty? Maybe they want to try veganism but don’t know where to start. We love fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes as much as the next person but someone new (and old!) to veganism may enjoy plant-based versions of hot dogs, sausages, dairy milk, and ice cream. Animal Place’s Humane Eating Wallet Guide is a handy, informative tool for the new vegan (or vegan-to-be).

Inside, find many of the commercially available brands offering vegan versions of “meat”, fish, eggs, and dairy.

We are generously offering this Humane Eating Wallet Guide for FREE…as long as you cover the cost of shipping!

How to Order

Option 1: Order the Humane Eating Guide through our shop and cover only the cost of shipping.

Option 2: Pick your own donation amount! If you would like to help cover the cost of printing in addition to shipping, consider a donation. Each guide is 0.10 cents to print. Shipping depends on quantity but ranges in price from 0.49 cents to $5.75 (for 100 copies). Please put how many guides you want in the Message to Seller/Merchant box.

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