Dolly and Studley (may he rest in peace) were rescued as “bummer” lambs.  The initial rescuer could not care for them long-term and sought our assistance. We were able to take them in and provide them with lifelong care. Help Dolly and her fellow rescued sheep friends thrive at Animal Place! Your support ensures they receive the love and individualized care they deserve. Together, we make a difference.

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Dolly and Studley (may he rest in peace) were rescued as “bummer” lambs from two separate farms. The term “bummer” lamb refers to a lamb that has been abandoned by their mother, often leading to neglect and abandonment on large-scale farms. The initial rescuer, unable to provide continued care, sought our assistance. Recognizing the dire circumstances, we graciously took them in at our sanctuary, where they found solace and companionship. We are honored to have been able to offer Dolly, Studley, and their feathery counterparts a secure and nurturing environment, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

Dolly is a shy sheep who likes spending time with her sheep friends. She doesn’t want much attention from humans, and we understand and respect her wishes! Even though she is quiet and keeps to herself, she has a strong and kind presence that shows how brave and gentle she is.

Rescue Date

April 1, 2023




Shy, Stoic, Kind

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