Ivan and Mishka

You have the power to make a difference! By donating today, you can directly contribute to the nourishment, comfort, and essential medical care of Ivan and Mishka, and their pig friends. Join us in providing them with the care they deserve. Your support matters!

Get to know more about Ivan and Mishka

Ivan and Mishka are two remarkable rescued pigs. They were born on a small family farm and used for entertainment in a petting zoo at a pumpkin patch. At the end of the fall season, the pumpkin patch intended to sell them for slaughter. Thankfully, a compassionate volunteer intervened, rescuing Ivan and Mishka. The same volunteer successfully advocated for the pumpkin patch to abandon the use of live animals.

With his gentle and kind nature, Mishka finds joy in connecting with others. Ivan, assertive yet friendly and endlessly curious, embodies a spirit of exploration. Join us in providing them with a forever home filled with love and compassion.

Rescue Date

November 27, 2011


Hampshire Mix


Ivan: Friendly, Assertive, Curious Mishka: Gentle, Kind, Friendly

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