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Get to know more about Jellybean

Jellybean and Mr. G the goat (rest in peace) lived on a property with a hoarder for years. When the hoarder was injured and could no longer care for them, we took in Mr. G. We quickly found that he was not eating. With the help of our veterinarian, we discovered he was deeply depressed. He missed his best friend, Jellybean, the donkey. So, we picked her up to reunite them. They were so happy to be together again! Mr. G was instantly better and started eating. The donkey and goat duo lived together for many years after that.

Jellybean now shares a pasture space with her donkey friend Jujube. Jellybean has a big personality and can be quite sassy! They spend their days exploring and grazing in their pasture. They enjoy weekly visits from their volunteer friends who take them on walks, feed them treats, and groom them.

Rescue Date

May 28, 2014




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