Join us in honoring Johnny, the leghorn hen who escaped the horrors of a battery cage egg farm. Your support ensures that Johnny and her feathered friends receive the love, care, and freedom they deserve. Together, we can make a difference and give them a life filled with joy and compassion. Donate today and be a part of their inspiring journey toward a brighter future.

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Johnny, the courageous leghorn hen, defied the odds and escaped the grim fate of a battery cage egg farm. Without our intervention, she would have been subjected to a cruel fate—gassed and discarded in a landfill. Thanks to the legal liberation, Johnny found her forever home at Animal Place, where she thrives in a life of freedom and happiness. With her curious nature, flighty demeanor, and vibrant personality, Johnny reminds us of the resilience and individuality of every precious life we save.

Rescue Date

March 2, 2016


White Leghorn


Spunky, Curious, Resilient

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