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Donate to Animal Place!

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Find out how your gift saves lives!

15-4$20 provides
initial care post-rescue. Cypress is one of six recently rescued turkeys who required probiotics, antibiotics, and fluids initially. Likely from a large commercial farm, Cypress had part of her beak cut off, requiring special feed and troughs.

15-5$50 ensures individualized care
for animals like Bob, who has recurring skin allergies. While there is no cure, when his allergies flare up, he requires daily treatment with anti-itch cream and coconut oil. When severe, caregivers use prednisone to alleviate his discomfort. Many of the animals require specialized care, and your donation helps cover those costs.

15-6$100 helps with veterinary care 
for animals like Bert, who saved himself from a backyard slaughter and needed intensive veterinary care upon arrival!

15-3All gifts are appreciated. Your donation goes toward re-supplying the Rescue Medical Fund and helping individuals like Libby, a hen saved from a horrific egg farm where she spent her life in a cage so small she could not spread her wings.

All donations are tax-deductible, to the fullest extent permitted by law. Animal Place’s federal tax ID number: 68-0200668

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