Animal Advocacy Internship

Animal Advocacy Internship

The animal advocacy internship is perfect for the individual with a drive to create meaningful change for all farmed animals through education! You will primarily work with Animal Place program staff in the education office at our 600-acre sanctuary while also occasionally going offsite to interact with the public at outreach, tabling, and adoption events.


  • Learning the daily operations of a sanctuary for farmed animals
  • Helping change behavior
  • Intimate knowledge of rescued animals and their stories
  • Opportunities to educate the public about veganism and farmed animal behavior
  • Improving communication skills
  • Learning to table and prepare for events

Duties & Responsibilities:

Advocacy interns primarily assist program staff in our education office, which means that this is a desk job with occasional opportunities to assist with guided tours, sanctuary events, and off-site tabling and outreach.

  • Creating social media and website content
  • Writing articles for magazine or outreach
  • Interviewing adopters
  • Managing and updating adopter database
  • Assisting with guided sanctuary tours
  • Assisting with adoption and outreach events
  • Assisting with organizing events at the sanctuary
  • Assisting with other programs as needed


  • Interest and commitment to advocating on behalf of farmed animals
  • Basic knowledge of animal rights issues pertaining to farmed animals
  • Comfortable discussing veganism in a positive manner
  • Strong communication skills: public speaking skills if you are interested in helping with guided tours, and writing skills if you are interested in writing (you may be asked to submit writing examples)
  • Ability to manage projects independently and take initiative
  • Comfortable with MS Word and Excel
  • Works well with others
  • Comfortable communicating with staff supervisor
  • Comfortable receiving feedback on job performance
  • Capabilities: Able to meet the requirements outlined in the Essential Capabilities document, with or without reasonable accommodation.

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