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Rescue & Adoption Program

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Rescue RanchChanging the world, one adopted animal at a time … that’s the driving force behind Animal Place’s Rescue & Adoption Center (formally known as Rescue Ranch). Each individual saved has a story, one of many. She may be the 1-yr-old hen slated for slaughter. He may be the unwanted rooster. She might be a confiscated goat saved from death. Whatever their story, it all begins anew at our Rescue & Adoption Center in Petaluma. In August of 2010, the Rescue & Adoption program was launched with the rescue of 250 hens from an egg farm. Then 140 chickens from a hoarder. To date tens of thousands of chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep and pigs have passed through its barn doors and onto greener pastures, new homes.

If you are interested in adopting some of the animals we cannot intake, sign up for our Farm Animals Needing Adoption list.

Our Rescue & Adoption Program is the only of its kind in the country. There simply is no other program that actively works with farmers, animal control agencies, and other sanctuaries and shelters to take in farmed animals and place them into new homes. A permanent refuge can only save a small number of animals, while an adoption program can save thousands. Animal Place’s Rescue & Adoption Program is unique in that we work directly with egg and, sometimes, dairy farmers to provide an alternative to slaughter for a small percentage of hens in the egg laying industry. There are more than 18-20 million hens raised for eggs in California. Most will never find true sanctuary. The farms we work with range from small, pasture-based operations to larger facilities.

Animal Place is honest – we are a vegan organization promoting compassion to all life. We may never see eye to eye with farmers on some issues, but we hope to find common ground in order to save as many lives as possible. Toward that end, we keep all information about cooperating farmers private, and they reciprocate by not using our Rescue & Adoption Program as a tool to promote the consumption of their eggs. We do not bring cameras or recording equipment into the farm and both parties sign confidentiality agreements. Our goal is save as many lives as possible, one individual at a time.

The Rescue & Adoption Center can only take in those animals we can place. You can be a part of this innovative work by letting us know you can adopt. Email us for more information. Or apply to adopt! If you are looking to rehome an animal, please email us a photo, information on the animal, and location.

More About Our Rescue & Adoption Program: