Rescue Ranch 2.0 Property Purchased!

You did it! You raised enough funds to purchase a new property for our Rescue & Adoption Center!

The property is located on 12-acres in Petaluma, California, making it more accessible to the greater Bay Area.

What the property has:

  • Accommodations for an onsite manager and caregiver
  • One small barn for ruminants or a small chicken rescue
  • A maintained “agility course” that will be used for events or adoption meet and greets
  • Exterior fencing

What needs to be added:

  • Chicken barn for larger rescues
  • Adoption Barn
  • Small barn for adoptable ruminants
  • Dog housing for up to 4 adoptable dogs
  • Interior fencing

The Rescue & Adoption Center will not only serve as home to large-scale rescues and adoptions but play host to ongoing educational events and volunteer opportunities.

We will host a grand opening as part of our 30th birthday celebration June 29th, 2019 – more details coming soon.

Most important, we will get back into the necessary work of saving thousands of lives and finding them forever homes.

Thank you for being there for the animals, especially for the thousands of hens whose lives will be spared thanks to our rescue program.


With compassion,


Kim Sturla

Executive Director

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