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Would You Brave the Cage?

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Animal Place’s Brave the Cage campaign invites the public to experience what life is like for 95% of hens inside egg farms.

Watch our video!

The campaign has taken us to the Capitol Building in Sacramento, Oakland, and UC Berkeley. We plan on bringing the campaign to other schools in the fall of 2015.

Why Brave the Cage?

This hen never knew her mother Fostering empathy is vital in repairing the dysfunctional relationship humans have with other animals. When your only experience with chickens is at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there can be no meaningful, compassionate connection. Brave the Cage fosters kindness and respect toward nonhumans.

95% of the 300+ million hens exploited for egg production live in metal cages so small the birds cannot spread their wings. Stacked in cages inside windowless sheds, their lives are miserable. Beaks lasered off to prevent stress-fighting, nails growing around wire floors, hens forced to stand and sleep on the bodies of the dead.

When the public steps inside the cage, they experience a fraction of the suffering hens endure every day of their short, miserable lives.


What about cage-free/free-range?

Animal Place also educates the public about other methods of farming animals and how they are not sustainable or cruelty-free. Male chicks are ground up alive in hatcheries that supply small and large farms. Hens are killed at a fraction of their lifespan, and their bodies are ravaged with disease by producing too many eggs. Hens on cage free farms live in windowless sheds with little room to move.

How can you help?

Sign up for our Sanctuary Sweets recipe list – we will email you a vegan breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipe each week! Removing eggs from your diet is relatively easy to do and can be done right away or transitioned out of your diet over time.



18 Responses so far.

  1. Candace says:

    I couldn’t.. but I guess that’s why I’m vegan. I don’t think it right to consume animals and treating them so horribly.

  2. Monika Steger says:

    You guys are awesome. I’ve been a Vegetarian for the past 28 years, and after just recently finding out the difference between so called organic, cage free and other new age labels vs. commercially farmed food……..made me turn to Vegan. The fact that I’ve been paying premium prices for something that does not benefit the animals, made me sick to my stomach. I became Vegetarian not for health reasons but for the empathy I have for farm and other animals. Clearly buying organic eggs does not translate into supporting happy chickens. So wrong! Can’t wait for your Vegan store to open in Berkeley and I make sure I’ll pass on the great news. Thanks for your great work and informing the communities.

  3. Julie Amato says:

    I am a long time supporter of ANIMAL PLACE, and other organizations trying to help these innocent, beautiful animals to lead a more compassionate life…thank you for all you do….

    I think the Human Tank was a great idea to help people better understand the horrors of present day farming….

  4. Take away the fresh air, natural sunlight and the ability to leave at will, and you have something a little closer to what chickens endure.

  5. maria lopez says:

    this is a horrible thing we put our farm animals thru quality of life

  6. marcia says:

    i think this is a great idea These events should be held all over the world, Keep calves,pigs,cattle,horses,sheep…..all in mind People MUST know where their fast food comes from and how they contribute and promote animal torture,abuse &SLAUGHTER

  7. Cynthia says:

    Fantastic introduction to show people the truth behind suffering with animals when they put themselves in the same position. Pretty brutal!!!!

  8. sandra says:

    I think that is a wonderful way to show people how it feels. It goes along having people people use a wheelchair to learn how it feels to feels to be disabled (just an example).

    But it will really open up eyes to know the truth. Now throw in a little banging on the cage and nouse to see how the abuse really feels. Don’the mean to cruel but people don’t learn unless they experience somewhat of the truth. But of course safely. Again those reading don’t think me mean or cruel. But things have to change…..

  9. Silvia Rocha says:

    I never knew our animals suffer that way, I feel so bad I think we should educate our kids that are our future so they learn to love and respect animals (domestic and wild ). I will have to work hard changing my diet and be vegetarian . I just don’t know how to do it but I will.

  10. Gloria says:

    No animal should have to live in a life of hell. These beautiful animals have fear,hurt,care for their young. They are Gods gift for us to care for on this earth.

  11. Cynth says:

    Just heartbreaking how the egg, dairy, meat, fur and fish industry treat animals! They are cruelly confined, deprived of their natural habitat, deprived of fresh air & sunshine, abused by the workers, then slaughtered while fully conscious!!!

  12. Sheri Randall says:

    Just heartbreaking what animals gothrough

  13. Paula Black says:

    Thank you, Animal Place and Much Love for everything u guys do, especially educating the masses! VEGAN 4-EVER AND ALWAYS!¡!¡!

  14. Jane Ciarlone says:

    Every factory farm “person”, every legislator, every abuser, every meat eater, every fur and feather wearer, every leather wearer, and so on should be mandated to do this!

  15. Mike McGowan says:

    I say FORCE these farmers AND their families to live in these cages for as long as they FORCE hens, chickens, hogs, ect. to live in the ones they are now forced to. I’ll even ‘maintain” their care for as long as they are in there… JUST LIKE that care which is given to the farm animals. They’ll either learn about the suffering through exposure and change how it is happening, OR they’ll just die in there and the next farmers keeping the animals in cages like this might be a little more apt to do the right thing to avoid the same fate. It’s up to they who lives and who dies AND to what degree of suffering happens in between… hens, chickens, hogs, Their kids themselves…