Meet Alysoun, saved from slaughter

Many of the animals who trot through our barnyard doors are victims of small, family farms. When Alysoun’s mom abandoned her at a small pasture-based farm raising pigs for slaughter, the farmer decided it was not worth their time or money to save her. The rancher abandoned the piglet, leaving her to die. Another employee took her home. A local rescue, Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch in Napa, California, stepped up to help the piglet.

When we learned that the piglet needed a permanent home, we offered ours! One of our recent rescues, Bert, was having a hard time integrating with two other pigs, Rock and Rita. Little Bert was a bit timid around the two larger pigs…and a lot more active! He needed a younger friend who would keep him company in his stall and out in the group’s pasture. We thought this little red-headed piglet might be a good fit.

Alysoun (formerly Lucy*) was spayed and convalesced in the rescue’s foster home. Then it was time for Alysoun to meet Bert! Things did not go quite as planned.

Instead of being excited to meet Alyson, Bert was, well, rather terrified of her. We set up a special kennel inside of Bert’s stall to house Alysoun at night, so that Bert would feel safe to sleep inside his big bed of straw. Then we waited…

Photos by Roni Seabury

Luckily we didn’t have to wait long! After a few days, Bert decided Alysoun was okay and now the two are inseparable. They were recently introduced to Rock and Rita…who welcomed the two youngsters. The four will enjoy the rest of their lives together, in their private barn and pasture.

Pigs are vibrant animals. They live life to the fullest, are expressive and fierce. If you visit a sanctuary and meet one, you will learn quickly how similar they are to the dogs many of us share our homes with…yet how disconnected many of us remain to these inquisitive, emotional animals! Adopting a vegan lifestyle is a simple expression of respect for pigs like Alysoun and Bert.

*We currently have a pig named Lucy, so opted to name the new piglet after one of our generous supporters, Alysoun Mahoney.

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