Animal Place Rescues 115 Hens from out-of-state Prison

January 20, 2011 –

Vacaville, CA –

More than 100 hens arrived safe and sound to Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch in Vacaville, CA from an egg farm located on a prison. Animal Place, founded in 1989, is one of the largest sanctuaries for rescued farmed animals in the country. The organization operates a 600-acre sanctuary in Grass Valley, CA and a 60-acre adoption center in Vacaville, CA.

“For these hens, this is their get out of jail free card, and they’re playing it,” says Marji Beach, education manager.

Chickens raised for egg-laying purposes are often sold or sent to slaughter at the young age of 1-2 years. They could live another 6-10, depending on breed. The farm leasing the land posted an ad on craigslist, offering up the Australorp hens for sale. Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch immediately contacted them, explained the program, and encouraged them to release the hens into our custody.

“We were surprised by how willing the farmer was to work with us. It turns out they didn’t want to see the chickens killed any more than we did,” says Beach. “Our confidentiality agreement prohibits us from sharing the name of the farm, but we are very happy with their enthusiasm. We hope to work with them each year when they are prepared to sell the birds.”

These lucky hens are looking forward to helping out around the garden! Chickens make wonderful companions, helping weed and keep away small pests. Plus, they are fun and inquisitive, making a trip to the backyard an entertaining experience.

Those interested in providing permanent placement for any of the hens are encouraged to contact Animal Place and start the adoption process. Visit our website, to fill out an online form or call Kristin Rodriguez, adoption coordinator, at 530-798-5115. There is an adoption fee of $10 per hen with a discount for adopting multiple hens.  Adoption fees help offset a small portion of the costs associated with rescuing these chickens.

Note to media: Photos of the rescued hens are available upon request. You are invited to visit Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch in Vacaville, CA to photograph or film the birds. 

Media Inquiries

Marji Beach
530-798-5114 (work)
[email protected]  

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