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5 Tips to Help You Stay Vegan in the New Year

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So, you made a new year’s resolution to go vegan in 2020. Congrats! Overwhelmed? Passionate? Excited? However you’re feeling, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you succeed at your new veganism! 

  1. Start slow, or jump all in. If you have an all or nothing personality, follow that, and cut all animal products out of your diet at once. If that sounds overwhelming, write up a plan, and take it step-by-step. Maybe you remove eggs first and work your way to completely vegan. The point is, do what works for you!  Whichever strategy will help you stay vegan, is the one worth doing.
  2. Find a community! Join a vegan facebook group, or ask a loved one to go vegan with you. Having support during a big diet change will help you navigate the obstacles and stay inspired. You can share recipes, watch documentaries together, and of course, encourage each other.
  3. Keep eating what you love! Going vegan doesn’t have to mean getting rid of everything you used to eat. Figure out how to adjust the food you already love, to make it vegan. That could mean swapping the chicken for tofu in a stir fry, or the dairy for soy in your morning coffee. This way you keep the comfort of the food you know, without supporting the cruelty of animal agriculture.
  4. Stay inspired! The truth is, some days veganism will feel easy, and other days it will feel inconvenient. On the days it feels inconvenient, it’s important to remind yourself why you went vegan in the first place. Visiting a sanctuary, or watching a documentary is the perfect way to re-spark your passion!
  5. Go easy on yourself. Especially at the beginning, you will make mistakes, and that’s okay! Treat it as a learning experience, and then let it go. You have made an incredible choice to eat more compassionately, and you should celebrate that! 🙂 

Written By: Claire Couron, Social Media Manager