8 Reasons Activists Fast on World Day for Farmed Animals

Each October 2nd, activists across the globe fast in honor of the billions of animals who are slaughtered for their flesh.

    1. Below are 8 of the many reasons individuals fast.Farmed animals are often deprived of water and food for hours, sometimes DAYS, leading up to their slaughter. In the United States, farmed animals can be transported for 28 hours, without food and water. However, chickens and turkeys are considered exempt, and therefore have no transportation laws protecting them.
    2. In the egg industry, male chicks are all killed at hatching. They do not produce eggs and have little value, since chickens bred for eggs grow slower and weigh less than those bred for their flesh.
    3. Most chickens slaughtered for their flesh are killed when they are still babies – at 6-weeks-old.
    4. In the dairy industry, calves are removed from their mothers immediately after birth. Male calves are sold for “cheap dairy beef” or “veal”.
    5. Turkey chicks are de-beaked without pain relief. Many are de-toed, in which the first digit of each toe is cut off to prevent damage from fighting and to protect workers from being scratched while catching the birds for slaughter.
    6. 75% of female pigs used to birth piglets for human consumption are kept in crates so small they cannot turn around. They develop abnormal behaviors that include self-mutilation, bar-chewing, and head-bashing due to intense confinement.
    7. According to research published in Science of The Total Environment, 75% of Brazilian Amazon rainforest deforestation is caused by animal agriculture.In just one year, 30-120 billion fish are farmed and killed for their flesh globally — that equals to 4 to 15 times the earth’s population)
    8. Non-targeted sea animals – known as by-catch – end up in fishing nets and die. Species include turtles, dolphins, sharks, and sea birds. 20% of the total U.S. catch is thrown away every year.

How can you help? Adopt a vegan diet & share this information with family and friends! 


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