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A Career in Animal Care Awaits You

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Imagine, the sunrise is painting the sky in a warm and brilliant pink as you step into your work boots. The sweet scent of morning dew on the grass fills your lungs. The sound of excited sheep bleating and cows lowing can be heard in the distance. You’re ready for anything the day has in store. 


You think about spending time with some of your closest animal friends. Will Pecky the hen run to greet you excitedly today? Will Jett the sheep be in the mood for a snuggle? How will the pigs behave for their hoof trims? What can you do to better their lives today?


Every day is different here. Feeding, watering and cleaning is always part of your routine. But you’ll also assist in lifesaving medical care.


You’ll restrain and comfort animals during health checks, and learn to perform health checks yourself. You’ll learn to observe and read animal behavior, monitoring residents to ensure they feel safe and content with their herd or flock mates. You’ll transport animals, whether that means bringing a new arrival to the sanctuary after their freedom has been secured, saving animals’ lives by evacuating them from wildfires, or bringing sanctuary residents to the hospital when they need critical care.


You’ll learn names, faces, stories, personalities, behavior. Some animals’ backgrounds are heartbreaking. But you’ll steer them towards the road to recovery. For some, healing takes days. For others, years. Some animals never heal their emotional scars entirely. And that’s okay. You’ll learn that every animal is an individual, and that healing looks different for everyone. 


It’s not all snuggling lambs and kissing cows. Summer days can be blisteringly hot. Animals aren’t always cooperative. New rescues often arrive in critical condition. It’s hard work. But it is deeply fulfilling. You know that countless rescued animals depend on you to care for them. They look to you for safety, security, and everyday care. And that feels good. It makes the hard days worth it when you know that your job is the heart and soul of the sanctuary. 


Are you craving a change in career? Does this sound like your dream job, despite the challenges it comes with? 


We’re so excited to tell you that what you’ve read here can become your reality. Our animal care department is hiring. Two full-time positions are available as an animal caregiver in Grass Valley. One position includes onsite housing! We need committed, driven, compassionate individuals to join us in our mission in constantly bettering the lives of our animals. 


You won’t only get to work at one of the largest farmed animal sanctuaries in the United States. You can live here, too! This is an incredible opportunity to grow your knowledge of animal behavior, medicine and care. Duties include but aren’t limited to daily feeding, watering and cleaning, assisting in medical exams, transporting animals, working on special projects, managing the land, and so much more. You’ll get to know the 350+ individuals who call Animal Place home. 

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Apply now to join our Animal Care team. We look forward to meeting you!