Help Clementine and her turkey friends thrive at Animal Place! Your support provides food, shelter, and veterinary care, ensuring they live their lives in peace and safety. Every donation makes a difference in the lives of these remarkable and deserving animals. Join us in making their sanctuary a true haven of love and compassion.

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Clementine, the courageous turkey, had a harrowing start to life. Found crammed into a pillowcase, she was being sold on the sidewalk. Fortunately, a compassionate individual stepped in, purchasing her for a mere $10 to rescue her from a tragic fate. Now, Clementine resides at Animal Place, where she enjoys a life of safety and freedom. Her resilience and journey inspire us all to protect and cherish the lives of these incredible beings.

Rescue Date

December 31, 2013


Royal Palm


Courageous, Resilient

Clementine's Gallery

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