Help us celebrate the incredible resilience of Panda Cow and ensure his continued care at Animal Place. Your generous donation will provide him with the love, shelter, and medical attention he deserves after surviving a horrific act of cruelty. Together, we can give Panda a lifetime of peace and happiness. Please donate today and make a difference in the life of this remarkable survivor.

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Panda Cow, a symbol of resilience, overcame unimaginable cruelty to find sanctuary at Animal Place. He was set on fire, enduring severe burns, yet his spirit remained unbroken. Originally raised for a high school project, his fate was to be sold for slaughter. But through the kindness of a compassionate individual, Panda’s life was spared, and he found solace at Animal Place. Today, he embodies strength and determination, displaying his assertive and independent nature. Join us in honoring Panda’s remarkable journey and contribute to his continued care and well-being. Your support ensures that he can thrive in a safe and loving environment. Stand with Panda and make a difference in the lives of animals like him.

Rescue Date

July 15, 2014


Black Baldy


Pushy, Brave, Resilient, Independent

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