Help us honor the memory of Sassafras, the spunky and chatty turkey who found sanctuary at Animal Place. Your generous donation will support the care and well-being of her feathered friends, ensuring they continue to thrive in a loving and compassionate environment. Together, we can keep Sassafras’s legacy alive and make a difference in the lives of all animals in need.

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Sassafras, affectionately known as Sassy, was a spirited and lively turkey who always had something to say. She had a unique personality, full of spunk and a knack for gossip. Sassy’s journey to Animal Place began when she was legally liberated from a turkey hatchery, where she would have faced a different fate. She found a loving home at Animal Place, where she lived a long and cherished life. Though Sassy has passed away, her vibrant spirit will always be remembered. May she rest in peace.

Rescue Date

November 7, 2012




Bold, Sassy, Unique, Chatty

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