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Arctic Fox Donation Will Help Fund Rescue and Adoption Center

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Earlier this year, vegan hair dye company Arctic Fox donated their February online sales to non-profits, including Animal Place. A big THANK YOU to Arctic Fox for supporting our life-saving work, and making the world a better place for farmed animals. 

Arctic Fox’s generous gift goes towards preparing our Rescue & Adoption Center in Petaluma for future rescues. 

In February, we welcomed the first rescue animals to step foot on the property: 310 hens! They were saved from an egg farm that kept them in cages their entire lives. After we pulled them from their cages, and transported them to the Rescue & Adoption Center, they were finally free. Free to spread their wings, free to explore, free to be chickens. Most of the hens were adopted into private homes, and 25 were welcomed to our Grass Valley sanctuary. 

Arctic Fox’s donation will be used to install fencing around the new chicken barn. Future chickens will enjoy a fenced pasture for their daily adventures, thanks to Arctic Fox. Any excess funds will go toward the construction of an adoptable mammal barn. Their support will allow us to save thousands of lives. 

We can’t wait for the Rescue & Adoption Center to come to life. And, thanks to Arctic Fox, we are one step closer. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.