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Dairy Industry Afraid of Competition

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Is the dairy industry afraid of competition?
October 1 2015 Gabrielle M (1 of 1)The dairy industry appears so petrified of the growing plant-based milk sector that they petitioned Congressional members to submit a letter to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) demanding that “milk” be defined solely as the mammary secretions from a cow (sorry, sheep and goats).

Remember how this ended for behometh Unilever, when it sued start-up Hampton Creek over the smaller company’s eggless mayo? (Hint: It eventually ends with Unilever launching their own vegan mayo!).

According to their letter, legislators are concerned “manufacturers of plant-based products is misleading to consumers, harmful to the dairy industry, and a violation of milk’s standard of identity.”

Consumers possess the cognitive ability to discern that “soy milk” does not come from the “lacteal secretion” of a cow. We trust that shoppers not only understand the difference between milk from a cow and milk from an almond but are also capable of making informed food choices. The dairy industry seems to lack this faith.

Plant-based milk alternatives are a growing industry because they appeal to a market of health-conscious, environmentally friendly, and animal loving consumers who want to do better by this planet. Perhaps, like Unilever, dairy co-operatives will start replacing herds of over-worked cows with groves of almonds, fields of soy or wheat.

Next time you swing by the supermarket, make sure to pick up some delicious plant-based milk…be it from soy, almond, coconut, hemp, flaxseed, walnut, or oat. Help change the world, one meal at a time!





5 Responses so far.

  1. AnneMarie Ansel says:

    This is pure bs. Canned Coconut milk used in thai & indian cooking has been sold for decades. There is milk from certain plants when the stem is broken also. The term milk has been always been used to describe a liquid that has been extracted.
    As people are made aware of the truth about factory farming, which has been purposely hidden from the public, more people are choosing a cruelty free life. And this is severly hurting the dairy n meat industry’s profit, do we csn expect to see more tactics from them like this. Already they made the govt stop promoting meatless Monday’s. And although the American Cancer Institute & American Heart Association has declared that milk is harmful to people it remains on the food pyramid because of pressure from the dairy industry.

  2. KATHRYN says:

    So Correct…THEY are very afraid and so the GAME of verbal tango…but they will be overcome by the resistance and insistence of the many over their corrupt few…
    We are now seeing the tipping point and it is a very good thing for all earthlings.
    Thank you ALL for helping to keep peace with EARTH

  3. Joann Otto says:

    Please remove Joann Otto 609 Carter Ct. Missoula, Mt. 59801 from your direct mailing list.

  4. Dianne c says:

    Yes this is pure BS. Their profits are dropping so they are trying to menuipulate the system. That won’t stop us vegans tho.

  5. Teresa Norris says:

    As long as I can remember Almond milk has been called almond milk and almond butter has been called almond butter, much like peanut butter. Is the dairy industry going to complain retrospectively about those too? Yes one by one we will inform and be informed, I just would like the process to speed like lightening ultimately to prevent any more suffering of the animals and of course to have the other benefits too.