Does Your Local Shelter Serve Animals?

You would think that animal rescues–whose mission it is to be of service to suffering animals–wouldn’t serve animals as food at their events and fundraisers. And yet, thousands of animal rescues across the U.S. raise funds to save cats and dogs by serving the flesh of pigs and cows. This is an animal rights injustice hiding in plain sight. 

To address this hypocrisy head-on, Animal Place’s Food for Thought program works with nonprofits in the animal protection, environmental, and social justice movements to encourage them to adopt a formal policy to serve vegan food at their events. Our team members work and live across the United States, and contact hundreds of organizations each year. So far, we have identified over 400 organizations who have pledged to serve only animal-friendly foods at their events.

But there is more work to do–and we need your help. See how your local animal shelter scores on our report card at . If they don’t have a vegan policy, ask them to make this important change. These organizations need to hear from their community of supporters and donors. Tips to help you start this conversation, and other valuable information can be found at . You can join our Advocate Network or apply to volunteer remotely with our team! If we stand together, we can be a united voice for farmed animals–advocating for them even within the animal protection movement.

– Liz Walch, Food for Thought Program Manager

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