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Donate – Sponsor An Animal

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Sponsor an animal ambassador and help care for the animals at the sanctuary! Gift a foster parent package to yourself or a loved one! For only $23 (plus shipping), you’ll receive a wallet-sized card with a picture of your sponsored animal, a full-sized color photo with your animal’s story, a subscription to our Animal Place Magazine, and, more importantly, you provide feed, bedding, and medical care to your foster animal and others in need.

Sponsoring an animal is easy and makes for a great gift. Just choose from one of the animal ambassadors below!

See how fostering an animal helps


Animal Ambassadors:

World Famous Mr. G and Jellybean

The pair were saved from a hoarder – Mr. G the goat had safe haven with Animal Place while another sanctuary could take Jellybean. At the time, neither sanctuary was in the position to intake both animals and the tough decision was made to separate them in order to prevent their euthanasia. When Mr. G stopped eating, a volunteer drove down to southern California to pick up Jellybean and reunite the two…and it was captured on video! Now the two will live out their days here at the sanctuary. Your $23 sponsorship allows us to transport other needy animals, like Mr. G and Jellybean, to their forever home at our sanctuary.



 Tiny Comb – A Turlock survivor

In 2012, Animal Place coordinated the largest rescue of farmed animals in California history, saving 4,460 hens from a horrific cruelty case in which 50,000 caged hens at an egg farm were left without food and water for two weeks.

Tiny Comb is one of those survivors. A $23 sponsorship of Tiny Comb will feed 70 hens and roosters at the sanctuary for two days. Hens like Tiny Comb need the best food to help keep them healthy!



PandaPanda – A Burn Survivor

When Panda was only 5-months-old he was cruelly set on fire by a deranged individual. He survived, but still faced being sold to slaughter by the Future Farmers of America teenager raising him for the county fair. Panda was saved from slaughter and now lives at Animal Place, but he faces lifelong challenges caused by the burning. Most of both ears were burned off and he requires daily supplements to heal his skin.

Your $23 sponsorship of Panda the survivor provides Panda and other special needs cows with treatment for two weeks!


 Shelby – The Lucky Calf

Shelby was found on the side of the road by Animal Place volunteers. She had fallen from a transport truck onto the shoulder of the highway. Shelby was so underweight and malnourished the volunteers were able to put her in their Prius and bring her to Animal Place.

Shelby came to us 40-pounds underweight and incredibly ill. She received medical attention, lots of love, and plenty of food. Now she’s a sanctuary darling.

Your $23 sponsorship of Shelby will help provide the extra wintertime food she and the other cows need to stay happy and healthy.

 Verna – The Would-Be Mother

Dear Verna was exploited for weed abatement and left unattended and unaltered with intact males. Verna became pregnant at just 7-months old. Her labor was difficult and painful. She was left in labor for 18-hours without medical attention. The farmers were willing to pay someone to shoot Verna, but not to help her.

Thankfully, a kind person stepped in and contacted Animal Place. Verna endured an emergency C-section, but her baby did not survive. Verna has healed and is happy at Animal Place.

Your $23 sponsorship of Verna pays for the fuel needed to rescue animals like her and ensures they get the medical care they need.

 Carmen – The Indomitable Sheep

Carmen was rescued from a small family farm that uses sheep for weed abatement. She tripped in a hole, broke her leg in multiple places, and was left without medical care for 2 weeks. Neighbors rescued her. We attempted to save her leg, but it was too damaged and had to be amputated. Nonetheless, Carmen runs with the best of them! (The shoulder massages she gets from our animal caregivers sure don’t hurt, either.)

Carmen greets passersby at the fence and trots along as you make your way down the road. A $23 sponsorship shears Carmen’s sheep friends each year, a sad necessity given that their wool continuously grows. The sheep’s wool will be donated to wildlife rehab centers to help wild birds recover and build nests.


Cleo – The Sweet Piglet 

Cleo was grossly mistreated and neglected at a local feed store. She lived in a small pen, with larger pigs who repeatedly injured her, she did not receive any medical treatment for her many wounds. A shopper noticed her inexcusable condition and notified Animal Control. Cleo, along with 365 birds were saved and Animal Place took them in. Now, Cleo lives a peaceful life filled with love and bellyrubs. 

A $23 sponsorship helps feed Cleo for a week!  


Sassafrass – The Sassy Turkey 

Sassafrass was saved from a hatchery by a fearless rescuer. She and 11 other chicks were saved before they could be de-beaked or de-toed. We named them all after our favorite spices. 

A $23 sponsorship helps keep the turkey barn warm during the winter with special industrial heaters! 

All donations are tax-deductible, to the fullest extent permitted by law. Animal Place’s federal tax ID number: 68-0200668