Double your donation for #GivingTuesday

Four images of animals who can be chosen for a donation. One, a pink pig Bernie. Two, a white turkey Pecan. Three, a red cow Daffodil. Four, a black and white goat Cauliflower. Have you heard the tale of the starfish? I want to share it with you this #GivingTuesday. You have the opportunity to support your own “starfish” here at the sanctuary and have your support go twice as far!

The story starts at a sandy beach after a storm. Thousands of starfish are stranded ashore. People watch a young girl in amusement. As she encounters a starfish, she picks each one up and places them back in the ocean. A man asks her, “Why are you doing this? Look at how many starfish there are! You can’t save all of them. You can’t make a difference”. 

The little girl stares at the man, gently scoops up another starfish and drops him in the ocean, “Well, I made a difference for that one.” Seeing her resolve, the man begins to help. Soon, others join in. After a time, the beach is empty except for the humans. All the starfish are saved! 

I sometimes feel helpless in the face of animal suffering. Do you feel this way too? You aren’t alone! It doesn’t have to be that way. You can make a difference for one of our “starfishes” with a gift to the Rescue Medical Fund this #GivingTuesday.

And right now, ANY gift you make doubles for #GivingTuesday! 

Do you know why your gift doubles? 

Because, like you, there are people who care deeply about Daffodil, Pecan, Bernie, Cauliflower and ALL the animals here. Donors came together to create a matching fund so that all donations on #GivingTuesday DOUBLE for the animals.

Each individual at the sanctuary has their own story to tell. And you can be part of it!

Daffodil cow avoided slaughter, thanks to the intervention of a family member. She may be blind but she sees with her heart (and nose). Pick Daffodil as your starfish and you’ll provide her with much-needed hoof care and hay cubes. 

Pecan is one of several turkeys saved from slaughter at a disgusting animal auction. Covered in feces, suffering from respiratory illness, Pecan has come a long way. Despite her rocky start, she loves attention and cuddles. Pick Pecan and you help manage her weight with special meals and medications to keep her healthy and happy. 

Bernie avoided being born into a hoarding situation, thanks to the help of rescuers. Sweet as the day is long, Bernie loves belly rubs…but he’s often last to dinner. Pick Bernie and you’ll ensure he receives extra food and medications to keep him healthy. 

Cauliflower avoided starvation thanks to legal intervention by a local animal control agency. She is a social butterfly and LOVES back scratches. Pick Cauliflower and you’ll provide her with a special skin care regimen – she suffers from skin irritation and needs a little extra support. 

Your gift DOUBLED will contribute directly to the Rescue Medical Fund, ensuring that:

🚚 Desperate animals are safely transported to our sanctuary, their forever home.

🩺 Injured or ill animals receive the urgent veterinary care they deserve.

❤️ Every resident continues to experience love, care, and a life worth living.

Make a difference in the life of an animal today with your #GivingTuesday gift to the Rescue Medical Fund. Celebrate #GivingTuesday and the animals at the sanctuary with a gift today. Your donation doubles and goes twice as far for an animal in need.

Donate $100 or more, and we’ll email you a photo of your sanctuary starfish. And now, if you donate $250 or more, not only does your gift go twice as far but we’ll send you a video from your very own starfish at the sanctuary – Daffodil, Pecan, Cauliflower, or Bernie!

With compassion,

Kim Sturla

Executive Director

PS: Double your donation for an animal in need this #GivingTuesday

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