End Live Animal Markets

Prevent Future Pandemics: End Cruel and Dangerous Live Animal Markets

We need your help! Urge legislators to pass S.4749 by Senator Cornyn and co-sponsor Senator Booker- the Preventing Future Pandemics Act now! This bill will ban live animal markets in the United States and help prevent future pandemics.

You may have never heard of a “wet market”, until earlier this year, when Covid-19 changed your life. A wet market in Wuhan, China, is thought to be the source of this deadly virus. But markets here in the United States are just as tragic and dangerous.

Wet markets are open-air stalls selling seafood, meat, and produce. Some sell and slaughter live animals on-site, including chickens, fish, and shellfish. This is the ideal environment for zoonotic diseases.

The worst pandemics and epidemics in modern-day history (SARS, Ebola, AIDS, Avian Flu, H1N1 and Zika) all stemmed from animal farming and exploitation.

Take action now to help prevent future pandemics!

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