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Grant Opportunities to Help your Organization Adopt a Vegan Policy

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Animal Place’s Food for Thought Program offers grant opportunities to help companion animal shelters adopt a vegan or vegetarian menu policy!


Food for Thought is a program of Animal Place, one of the oldest and largest sanctuaries for farmed animals in the United States. We help nonprofit organizations extend their compassion to all animals by adopting a vegan or vegetarian menu policy. This is a written, board-approved policy. It states your organization will only serve vegan or vegetarian foods at your events.

Contact Food for Thought and we’ll write a policy for your organization!


Animal welfare organizations have a mission to protect animals. It’s inconsistent to raise funds for animals by serving animals.

Many people identify farmed animals as companions. Farmed animals include rabbits, chickens, pot-bellied pigs, goats, and other species. If any of these animals came into your shelter, you would provide them with the same level of care as a dog or cat. As a rescue organization, where do you draw the line between those you love and those on the plate at your events?

Adopting a vegan or vegetarian menu policy aligns your menu with your mission of saving animal lives. Learn about more reasons to adopt a policy.





Does your organization want to try a fully vegan event? With the Vegan Event Grant, we’ll reimburse the food expenses up to $1,000 for your organization’s first fully vegan event. This grant is perfect for organizations that are considering adopting a policy but have some concerns. It’s a great opportunity to try out a fully vegan event and see how your supporters respond.

Apply for the Vegan Event Grant.

You may combine the Vegan Event Grant with the screening of the award-winning film The Last Pig for the ultimate event!


With the Vegan Ticket Subsidy Grant, you’ll host an event where attendees can purchase their meal option ahead of time. Charge your attendees half-price for the vegan meal option and we’ll cover the other half up to $1,000! Hosting a gala is a perfect example of how you can use this grant.

Apply for the Vegan Ticket Subsidy Grant.


The Policy Grant is a one-time gift for organizations that adopt a new board-approved vegan or vegetarian menu policy. We offer $1,000 for a vegan menu policy or $250 for a vegetarian menu policy.

Apply for the Policy Grant.

Photos from previous Food for Thought Vegan Event Grant recipients