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Joys and Challenges of Being a Caregiver

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Our Animal Care team works hard day in and day out to care for nearly 400 animals who call Animal Place home. Whether it’s mucking out barns, providing individualized medical treatment, or giving belly rubs, animal caregivers stay busy. 

Check out some of the highlights and challenges of animal caregiving.

The Highlights

“I am able to make a difference in the animals’ lives. I can help build trust, make them happy and comfortable, and hopefully make them see that there are humans out there that want to do good by them.” – Liz, Caregiver

“My favorite part is seeing the animals becoming more comfortable and forming bonds with each other after being rescued.” – Hannah, Animal Care Director  


“I have the privilege of witnessing small moments that usually go unseen. I get to listen to the pigs snoring and dreaming at night. I get to see the rabbits snuggling and grooming one another or the roosters save special treats to give to their favorite hens. I get to see babies grow up big and strong, and scared animals become confident and loving.” – Michelle, Animal Care Manager 

“I am lucky enough to be able to have close interactions with the animals and learn from them every day.” – Rachel, Animal Care Supervisor

“My favorite part about being an animal caregiver is seeing the positive results from the care we provide. We strive to give our animals the best individualized care, and it is always rewarding when I see an animal who has recovered and gets to return to just being themselves.” – Blake, Animal Care Shelter Coordinator


The Challenges

“The most difficult part about being an animal caregiver is having to say goodbye to our friends when we have exhausted all medical options. We build relationships 

with them just like another person would build a relationship with a cat or dog and making the tough decision of when to say goodbye is a sad time for me.” – Liz, Caregiver

“A lot of the animals have conditions caused by selective breeding, many of which are difficult or impossible to treat. We do our best to ensure every individual at Animal Place is happy, healthy, and living as naturally as possible, so when we are unable to provide this to an animal it is heart-wrenching for all of us.” – Hannah, Animal Care Director

“The hardest part about being a caregiver is when the animals are going through hard times and you’re unable to ask them what’s going on.” – Rachel, Animal Care Supervisor

“Loss is always hard, but the need/desire to do more is always there and always nagging. The fact that we can’t save everyone is heartbreaking.” – Michelle, Animal Care Manager 

“The most difficult thing about being an animal caregiver, besides dealing with loss, is the ever-changing environment we work in. Procedures and protocols are constantly changing and we have to be able to adapt quickly. No two days are ever the same.” – Blake, Animal Care Shelter Coordinator



10 Responses so far.

  1. I would very much like to be a caregiver to animals. All animals are wonderful and need love. My zip code is 30084 but would like any area on the east/northeast side of Atlanta,GA.
    Looking forward to hearing from you regarding caregiver positions for animals. Thank you.

  2. Claudia Bordin says:

    I can’t thank all of you care-givers enough. You all have made a huge impact on each animal’s life. I am thrilled that the greater humanity is now more aware of animal suffering, and little by little more and more people are making humane choices. The animals who end up at Animal Place are the luckiest animals in the world.

  3. Patricia says:

    You all have an awesome place and do an amazing job!! Keep up the great work for your sweet animals!!

  4. Every. Time. I Have. Had. To. Euthanized. One
    Of. My. Pets. I. Feel. An. Intense. Loss. And. A. Sense. Of. Failure… I. Know. How. These. Caretakers. Feel… And. For. Years. And. Years.
    Afterward. I. Feel. I. Should. Have. Done. Something. More…. I. Am. Always. Searching.
    So. This. Malady. Will. Never. Happen. Again. To. Another. Pet.. They. Are. My. Family….

  5. Kat Dancer says:

    THANK YOU ALL ANIMALS’ ANGELS is what you are

    Kat Dancer

  6. Betty Christian says:

    Where are you located? Do you take in disabled rooster? I have a rooster I love so much. Had him for three years and he got attacked by a fox. And I don’t think we know how to deal with his injury. It’s his neck. But I was wandering if you do. If you don’t do you know anyone you can refer me too. I don’t want him killed. Thanks

    Betty Christian

    • Claire C says:

      Hi Betty, we are located in Grass Valley, CA. I’m so sorry to hear about your rooster. We are unlikely to be able to take him in. Do you have a local vet, you can take him to? Thanks, Claire