Life of a Dairy Cow

Forcibly impregnated. Separated from baby. Milked. Repeat.

Every year, 9.4 million cows are used for dairy production. This is their reality…for a forgotten glass of milk.

When she is born, a female calf is immediately removed from her mom and placed in a small enclosure by herself. Instead of her own mother’s milk, she is fed pooled milk from the milking parlor and artificial milk replacer. She is dehorned and any extra teats are cut off without pain relief.

When she is 3-6 months-old, she is moved into group housing with other calves her age.

Although she would normally be physically ready to mate at 20-30 months of age, on a dairy farm, she is forcibly impregnated at 12-15 months-old through artificial insemination.

Nine months later, she gives birth to a male calf, who is also taken from her right after birth.

Depending on his breed, he will either live in a crate so small he cannot turn around for veal production, or he will go to a feedlot and be slaughtered at only a year old for beef production.

She is milked for 10 months, during which time she is impregnated again. She is given a short 30-45 day “rest” before she gives birth.

She gives birth again and the cycle continues. Every time her baby is removed, and she must endure the emotional pain again. Cows call out for their babies, as they are separated.

This miserable process repeats for the next 3-5 years.

When she is no longer profitable, she is killed. She is slaughtered at 4-7 years old, though she  could live up to 20 years.

A life of suffering, and an early death, for no reason other than human desire. A glass of milk, or block of cheese is not worth inflicting this pain on another being.

This Mother’s Day, think of these non-human mothers who endure incredible agony. You can help disrupt this cruel industry, by ditching dairy, and opting for the vegan option. Every time you choose vegan, you are voting for a kinder world.

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