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I bet you’ve never received a letter from a cow before!

That’s ok! I’ve never written a letter before! Kim Sturla and the team at Animal Place want you to hear my story from my point of view.

I was born blind, so I’m using a moo (talk) to text to write this letter to you.

I grew up in southern California, with two cows. I spent my days with Azalea and Tulip. It was a good life. Sadly, Tulip, my closest friend (like a mother to me) died. I was so sad and so was Azalea.

And then something scary happened. Men began to yell and herd us into a metal box. They called it a trailer, but it smelled like fear. I couldn’t see what was happening, but it wasn’t good.

It turns out the land owner wanted to grow grapes. Azalea and I were no longer wanted. Can you believe that? I’m amazing, so it came as a surprise. More shocking? They planned to sell us for slaughter!

Mind you, I only learned that later. The trailer I was in took us to another location. There were other cows there, but they were not friendly. I didn’t recognize anything. It was rocky and there were so many holes, I kept tripping and falling.

Turns out this placed belonged to someone trying to save me and Azalea! They had to get us out quickly before someone hurt us. I didn’t know it then, though.

We hadn’t been there long before we were herded into another trailer. We traveled for so long, I thought I’d be stuck in that trailer forever.

But then we arrived to someplace new. It smelled different. I felt soft grass under my hooves. I love grass, so this was great news already. And guess what? It was flat! No deep holes or hills to maneuver. I mean, there was one random boulder, but I figured out its location quickly.

{{Recipient.FirstName}}, have you ever felt so safe and comforted you could cry? That’s how I felt at this new place. Not only was there a field of grass, people brought us hay every day. They treated our wounds from the rough trailer ride.

I was surprised to find fresh, clean water – none of the dirty slime I was forced to drink. And us cows are always thirsty. I drink nearly 30 gallons a day!

It’s been 6 years since I came to my home at Animal Place. I’ve befriended humans and live with a lovely herd of cows, including Azalea.

Any time I need medical care, a caregiver or veterinarian makes sure I receive it. If I need extra food or a special shelter, I get those too! And multiple times a week, someone brings me hay cubes, my favorite treat!

I’m getting older and Azalea is already 16. My body is a little creakier and I sometimes need special hoof trims and medication to feel good. That’s one of the reasons I’m writing to you.

Not every cow is so lucky. I feel a lot of gratitude to Animal Place and to people like you, who I am told make my life here possible!

Kim Sturla from Animal Place can tell you more about Animal Place’s Rescue Medical Fund and how you can save more lives and keep mine comfortable.

Today, as I moo to you, I am home safe at Animal Place. Your support helps me stay healthy and happy throughout the year. Thank you.

With moo-passion (compassion),


PS: If you would like to email me at [email protected], I have an assistant who will read letters to me. I might even send you a photo of me back!


Don’t you wish you could get a letter from a cow every day?

Providing top notch care to Daffodil and all the animals at the sanctuary is a critical issue for us at Animal Place. With hundreds of animals in our care, veterinary costs are high.

As we reach the end of the year, I come to you for help. To care for individuals like Daffodil requires more than just food and bedding. To run a sanctuary, you need experienced, qualified caregivers. You need funds for extensive medical care for newly rescued animals and existing residents.

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I can’t wait to tell Daffodil, I’m sure she’ll be as pleased as you are about this offer!

With compassion,

Kim Sturla

Executive Director

PS: Your donation of $25 DOUBLES so that we can always handle medical cases. Send your gift in by 12/31/2022 so that it can go twice as far!

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