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Sponsor a Turkey

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IMG_0748Give thanks this Thanksgiving by sponsoring Sassafras the turkey. What better way to honor turkeys this year than by keeping Sassafras and her friends warm, well fed, and happy this holiday season? You will receive a Foster parent certificate, newsletter, and our Healthy, Humane Alternatives wallet guide.
Donate $25 today and help Sassafras and her turkey friends thrive.

How does $25 help the turkeys? Well, did you know it costs $25 to feed all of our turkeys for two weeks? Or that $25 covers de-worming all the turkeys annually? Your $25 gift goes a long way to improving the lives of the turkeys at Animal Place. Please consider a gift today!

Want to donate a different amount? We won’t hold you back! Give what you can – it makes a difference!


 Any gift is appreciated


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  1. gael tryles says:

    I have 6 Tom turkeys as pets ,and I want to say that they are great pets. My turkeys are free range and I don’t have any females because they sneak off to nest and end up getting killed because they are not in the barn at night. I hope you can save as many turkeys as you can.We live on a fixed income and we have 2 rescue horses and many other animals to buy food for so we cannot donate to help your animals.