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Donate Stock to Animal Place

You can make an enormous impact on our work with a donation of appreciated securities – stock, bonds, or mutual funds. These are securities you have held for more than a year and one day.

If you donate stock with unrealized gain, you will not have to pay capital gain tax nor will Animal Place. You can also claim a fair-market value charitable deduction for the year in which you donate your stock, bonds, or mutual funds.

Please consult with your tax and financial advisors to ensure you follow all guidelines. 

Common questions

How do I donate appreciated securities to Animal Place?  

We’ve invested in a secure online tool that allows you to make this gift in minutes. This online tool makes transferring stocks simple by allowing you to print out the necessary forms online or giving you access to our account information so you can make the transfer with your broker.  

What are adjusted gross income (AGI) restrictions? Unlike with cash donations, your deduction is limited to 30% of your AGI. If your donation is in excess of 30% of your AGI, you can carry forward unused deductions for five years. Please consult your tax professional if this is the case. 

Will I need a receipt from Animal Place? Yes! Animal Place will provide you with a tax-receipt. You will need to provide us with the following information that we can include in your donation receipt:

Stock Information

  • Name of Stock
  • Approximate # of shares
  • Approximate value
  • Anticipated date of transfer
  • Brokerage Name
  • Date stock was acquired

We will include our federal EIN (68-0200668), contact information, confirmation that no goods or services were exchanged, and the description of the stock.

How long should I hold onto a stock before donating? One year and one day at minimum. 

Can I transfer my appreciated securities to a donor-advised fund (DAF)? Yes, you can choose to transfer your appreciated securities to a DAF and then donate from your DAF to Animal Place. You receive similar tax benefits. 

Have questions? Email our Director of Fund Development Marji Beach at marji@animalplace.org or 530-477-1757 x 208