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See what donors like you are saying about Animal Place!

“The first time I went to Animal Place in Grass Valley, two of the pigs flopped over at my feet so that I could scratch their bellies. I immediately stopped eating pigs. How could I eat someone who does the same thing my beloved dog does? How could I eat someone who expressed love towards me the first time they met me?” – Donor on Network for Good 

“All living creatures deserve a pain-free and suffering-free life.  Every little bit helps, and while we can’t help every little animal, each little animal we do help will improve our world just that much more.” – Lynn

No animal should be food or entertainment…their value is just being their own unique and miraculous selves. – Sonja 

I first read about Animal Place in a story from the San Francisco Chronicle. I’d never heard about sanctuaries that rescued animals who would’ve been slaughtered and brought them to a beautiful place where they could live out their lives in peace, comfort, and enjoyment. It was such a beautiful idea that I started supporting Animal Place financially. Since then, I’ve read more about them, and am glad to be a donor because of the many animals who enjoy their lives at Animal Place, rather than being killed on a farm. – Donor on Network for Good 

“I am inspired by the hard work of everyone at Animal Place! I wish I could do more and am so saddened by how horribly animals are treated today. Thank you for everything you do every day.” – Emilie 

“Being able to help Animal Place do the lifesaving work you do makes my heart sing!” – Diane

“The other day I was coming home when a trailer pulled up next to me. Inside, the occupants were sticking their noses out. I knew they were headed to the slaughterhouse. It left me terribly sad. I wished I could have saved them. The only consolation I have in all of this is being vegan and helping organizations like yours.” – Randy

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