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The Animals – Goats

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Mr. G and Jellybean

Mr. G and Jellybean are the two stars of Animal Place, with their reunion video going viral in May of 2014. Both were rescued from a hoarder, but it was Mr. G who was first brought to Animal Place while Jellybean the donkey went to another sanctuary. Mr. G the goat wouldn’t eat for 6 days until reunited with Jellybean. We realized that Mr. G was depressed and lonesome and likely just needed his friend. The moment that a volunteer pulled up the trailer with Jellybean, Mr. G perked up and soon began eating again.

Mr. G has since made new friends and realized that he’s a goat! Sweet P is his new favorite goat friend, but he makes sure to spend his time equally between Sweet P and Jellybean.

Mr. G and Jellybean:

Soulmates Mr. G and Jellybean & Animal Place Interview:

Noah and Cornelius

Noah and Cornelius are the troublemakers of the goat herd. Their mom was rescued from a slaughterhouse and gave birth to the twin boys at our sanctuary. They have only known love and adoration…which has gone a bit to their heads! Noah is the gentler of the two and loves to whine and cry when he’s not getting the attention that he knows he deserves. Cornelius is bolder, a little more aggressive at times, and has no trouble sharing his opinions of the world with you.

Animal Place’s Noah and Cornelius Baby Goats:


EllaElla escaped from a dairy farm, saving herself from an untimely death. Both the farm and animal control were unable to catch her. A mother-daughter team began to care for Ella and soon gained her trust. We arrived with a trailer and thought it would take days to entice the wary goat into the trailer. But the bond she had formed with her rescuers was clear, and Ella followed them into the trailer after only 15 minutes of gentle coaxing. Ella decided for herself that life on a dairy farm was no life at all. We’re grateful for her strength and independence that saved her life.