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Animal Place is home to nearly 300 rescued animals — Chickens, turkeys, bunnies, sheep, goats, pigs, cows, and donkeys! These rescued residents (past and present) are ambassadors for the billions of land animals we cannot save. We invite you to learn their stories!

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Cleo, the rescued pig, was in a dire situation in late 2017. Witnessed being attacked by other piglets at a local feedstore, her plight caught the attention of a concerned customer. Animal control was called and Cleo eventually made her way to Animal Place. Animal Control seized the 350 neglected and ailing birds that remained on the property. Cleo and the birds embarked on a journey to recovery and safety at the sanctuary. Cleo’s unique personality shines through, resembling that of a cat, displaying her discerning boundaries and individuality.


Lenny, a remarkable soul who has since passed away (may he rest in peace), possessed a unique blend of traits. Serious and concerned, he carried an air of cautiousness, always observing his surroundings. Yet, underneath his reserved demeanor, a kind heart beat, waiting to blossom once trust was established. Lenny’s story began with his mother, Virginia, an ewe rescued from a live-auction slaughterhouse. Virginia’s rescue was part of a larger operation by Santa Cruz County Animal Services, who intercepted over a dozen animals from a facility where individuals could select their animals to be slaughtered on-site. We took Virginia in at the sanctuary and soon after Lenny was born. He was a symbol of resilience and the power of compassion in the face of adversity. Though Lenny is no longer with us, his memory serves as a reminder of the precious lives we strive to protect and honor.


Alysoun, fondly known as Aly, is a remarkable pig with a captivating presence. Her intelligence, elusive nature, and air of mystery make her truly unique. Originally raised on a so-called “humane” pig farm, Alysoun faced a challenging start in life as a sickly runt. Rather than receiving the care she needed, she was left to perish. A compassionate employee swooped in and saved her from certain a death. After a temporary stay at another rescue, Alysoun found her forever home at Animal Place. Today, she resides alongside Bert, Wilma and Rock, forming their own cherished herd within our sanctuary.


Evelyn is an independent and tenacious pig. She is a survivor of a distressing hoarding case involving 250 pigs in Oregon. With a love for napping, exploring her pasture alongside her siblings, relaxing in her wallow, and savoring delicious meals, Evelyn has found solace and contentment at Animal Place. Here she embraces the joy of a peaceful and enriched life.


Balto is an extraordinary survivor among the 360+ animals rescued from a local feed-store. Neglected and deprived of proper medical care, hundreds of birds suffered, with more than a hundred losing their lives or being euthanized. Fortunately, Balto and the remaining survivors found solace at Animal Place, where they were integrated into one of our flocks. Balto, with her charismatic personality, takes on the important role of leading the spirited Guinea Fowl crew, while forming a special bond with her turkey companion, Clementine. She delights in soaring through the sky, effortlessly perching on rooftops, and embracing her newfound freedom.


Sassafras, affectionately known as Sassy, was a spirited and lively turkey who always had something to say. She had a unique personality, full of spunk and a knack for gossip. Sassy’s journey to Animal Place began when she was legally liberated from a turkey hatchery, where she would have faced a different fate. She found a loving home at Animal Place, where she lived a long and cherished life. Though Sassy has passed away, her vibrant spirit will always be remembered. May she rest in peace.


Clementine, the courageous turkey, had a harrowing start to life. Found crammed into a pillowcase, she was being sold on the sidewalk. Fortunately, a compassionate individual stepped in, purchasing her for a mere $10 to rescue her from a tragic fate. Now, Clementine resides at Animal Place, where she enjoys a life of safety and freedom. Her resilience and journey inspire us all to protect and cherish the lives of these incredible beings.


Cypress, a kind and sweet turkey, embodies resilience and the power of compassion. She is a survivor of a farm that raised turkeys for slaughter. Fortunately, she found her way to Animal Place and, along with four other turkeys, was given a chance at a life filled with love and care. Cypress cherishes cuddles and serves as a reminder of the individuality and gentleness of these remarkable creatures.

Don Juan

Don Juan, the charismatic rooster, exudes a powerful presence as a fierce protector of his flock. Despite his bold nature, he also craves attention and seeks reassurance, revealing a touch of insecurity. Found abandoned in a local park, he was rescued by dedicated staff who recognized his unique spirit. Now, safely nestled at Animal Place, Don Juan continues to captivate hearts with his captivating personality and unwavering spirit.

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