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Animal Place is home to nearly 300 rescued animals — Chickens, turkeys, bunnies, sheep, goats, pigs, cows, and donkeys! These rescued residents (past and present) are ambassadors for the billions of land animals we cannot save. We invite you to learn their stories!

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Ruth’s remarkable journey began when compassionate activists from Chino Cow Save discovered her. They found her near a roadside butcher in southern California. She had a severe limp in her rear leg. The farmer willingly relinquished her, but they faced the challenge of finding suitable placement. In response, a widespread appeal went out on social media, and it was our privilege to offer Ruth a permanent home. After a comfortable stay at a local sanctuary, we made the long trip to pick her up and transport her to Animal Place. While her past likely involved wool production, today Ruth enjoys a life filled with love and care.


Ruby, the cherished rescue pig, delights in her favorite pastimes of sleep, voicing her opinions and snacking on bananas. Born as the runt on a family farm, her fate was grim. During a farm tour, a compassionate visitor discovered the truth—Ruby faced euthanasia through a distressing method called “thumping.” Driven by empathy, the visitor intervened and brought Ruby to safety at Animal Place. Today, she embodies resilience and the transformative power of compassionHelp Ruby the rescued pig and her friends thrive at Animal Place sanctuary. Your donation provides essential food, bedding, and veterinary care. Donate today and make a life-saving difference


In loving memory of Joan (RIP), a kind and gentle sheep who cherished her sheep friends and had a special affinity for people. Originally under the loving care of a dedicated family, Joan faced a difficult time when her sheep companion Lamby passed away. With unwavering compassion, the family sought a new home for Joan to ensure she wouldn’t be alone. May Joan’s spirit inspire us to provide love and companionship for all our animal friends.


In loving memory of Rita, the courageous and resilient pig, who left an indelible mark on our hearts. Her incredible journey to sanctuary began on Highway 50 in downtown Sacramento when she bravely broke free from her flimsy metal cage, defying the odds and leaping off a moving vehicle. Animal control swiftly intervened and corralled her, only to witness her bring new life into the world two days later. Despite her challenges, Rita successfully nurtured nine surviving piglets. We were committed to their well-being and welcomed all ten pigs into our sanctuary. Five of Rita’s piglets—Brian, Spencer, Myrna, Hedy, and Katherine — seamlessly integrated into our main herd, finding solace and companionship. One piglet, Rock, remained by Rita’s side in a separate enclosure due to health considerations. Her remaining three piglets found sanctuary at Blackberry Creek Sanctuary. Rita’s legacy lives on through the lives she touched and the compassionate care we provide in her memory.


Introducing Gigi, a sheep with a gentle and contemplative nature. Her journey began on a Bay Area industrial property, owned by a compassionate man who uncovered a distressing scene. Amidst impounded vehicles, he discovered a lamb with a hobbled leg tied up inside a box truck. With swift action, he rescued Gigi, providing her a chance at a new life. We gratefully opened our sanctuary doors to Gigi, where she continues to inspire us with her quiet resilience and thoughtful presenceYou have the power to create a positive impact! Your donation today can make a direct difference in providing food, bedding, and veterinary care for Minnie, the rescued sheep, and her beloved companions. Join us in granting them the care they truly deserve. Your support is invaluable and makes all the difference in their lives!


Meet Jett, the spirited and independent sheep who captures hearts with her spunky nature and love for attention. Her story began when witnesses discovered her tied to a flagpole, enduring mistreatment by children before being abandoned. Learning of her plight, we collaborated with authorities to gain custody of Jett, ensuring her safety. Now thriving at our sanctuary, Jett’s resilient spirit reminds us of the transformative power of compassion and second chances.


In memory of Studley, who has left a lasting impact on our hearts. Studley and Dolly were rescued as “bummer” lambs from two separate farms. The term “bummer” lamb refers to a lamb that has been abandoned by their mother, often leading to neglect and abandonment on large-scale farms. The initial rescuer, unable to provide continued care, sought our assistance. Recognizing the dire circumstances, we graciously took them in at our sanctuary, where they found solace and companionship. We are honored to have been able to offer Studley, Dolly, and their feathery counterparts a secure and nurturing environment, ensuring their well-being and happiness. Studley, a calm, confident, and friendly sheep, exuded a natural leadership within his flock. With his gentle demeanor and unwavering presence, he guided and protected his fellow sheep, creating a sense of unity and harmony. His tranquil nature and friendly disposition endeared him to humans and animals, leaving a lasting impression. Studley’s legacy as a compassionate leader inspires us, reminding us of the profound impact one gentle soul can have on the world.


Tiffany, a brave and resilient pig, spent her early months trapped in a small concrete pen, never knowing the freedom of the outdoors. She endured the hardships of being used for biomedical experiments, a common fate for pigs due to their biological similarity to humans. Luckily, she found refuge at Animal Place, where she is now cherished and valued. With her assertiveness and unwavering strength, Tiffany stands as a symbol of resilience.


In loving memory of Carmen, a gentle soul who touched our hearts. Rescued from a small farm where sheep were used for weed abatement, Carmen endured a traumatic leg injury. Neglected and in pain for two weeks, she found hope when compassionate neighbors stepped in and reached out to us. At Animal Place, Carmen found solace and the care she deserved. Though she is no longer with us, her spirit lives on, inspiring us to continue our mission of compassion and advocacy for all animals

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