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Animal Place is home to nearly 300 rescued animals — Chickens, turkeys, bunnies, sheep, goats, pigs, cows, and donkeys! These rescued residents (past and present) are ambassadors for the billions of land animals we cannot save. We invite you to learn their stories!

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In loving memory of Graybeard, a brave and resilient soul who touched our lives deeply. Graybeard was rescued from the deplorable conditions at a local feedstore, where countless animals suffered neglect and hardship. While we mourn Graybeard’s passing, we cherish the memories of their strength and unwavering spirit, and continue our mission to provide a haven for animals in need.


Azalea, a spirited miniature cow, once faced an uncertain fate. As the owner aimed to make space for grape cultivation, Azalea and her companion Daffodil were in danger of being sent to slaughter. Thankfully, the intervention of a compassionate family member saved them from such a tragic end. Azalea’s small stature belies her swiftness and independent nature, making her a remarkable and resilient presence at Animal Place.


In loving memory of Summer, the gentle cow who touched our hearts and was a cherished friend to his herd mates. Born on a dairy farm, he endured a journey to the Petaluma Livestock Auction, where he was purchased for a mere $5. Alongside his companion, Freedom, who has also passed away (rest in peace), Summer found solace and care at Animal Place. May his spirit forever inspire us to advocate for the well-being of all animals, and may his memory continue to shine brightly in our hearts.


In loving memory of Nicholas, the most perfect cow who touched our hearts with his gentle nature and unwavering spirit. Born on a dairy farm, his journey led him to an auction where he was purchased for a mere $15. Chained up outside an apartment complex in Berkeley, CA, he endured neglect, surviving on hay alone (as a calf). Eventually, animal control intervened and rescued him. Nicholas was a sweet and patient soul, bringing joy to both adults and children. Though he had his mischievous moments in his prime, he matured into a cooperative and handsome companion. May Nicholas’ memory inspire us to advocate for the welfare of all animals and cherish the precious connections we share with them.


Meet Murphy, the assertive and food-loving cow with a brilliant mind and intentional nature. Born on a dairy farm, he faced an uncertain fate when he was sold at an auction. Abandoned in a horse boarding facility during a foreclosure, Murphy and a pot-bellied pig were left behind without anyone knowing. Thankfully, a caring veterinarian discovered them and brought Murphy and the pig to Animal Place.


Davey, the cute and compact cow, embodies resilience and survival. In a bold move, he broke into our pasture and joined our cow herd, navigating his way to safety. A neighbor who was raising Davey for slaughter agreed to relinquish him tom us. Through his determination, Davey found his rightful home at Animal Place, where he continues to flourish.


Panda Cow, a symbol of resilience, overcame unimaginable cruelty to find sanctuary at Animal Place. He was set on fire, enduring severe burns, yet his spirit remained unbroken. Originally raised for a high school project, his fate was to be sold for slaughter. But through the kindness of a compassionate individual, Panda’s life was spared, and he found solace at Animal Place. Today, he embodies strength and determination, displaying his assertive and independent nature. Join us in honoring Panda’s remarkable journey and contribute to his continued care and well-being. Your support ensures that he can thrive in a safe and loving environment. Stand with Panda and make a difference in the lives of animals like him.


Ethan, a majestic and tall presence, embodies resilience and strength. He is one of the remarkable survivors from a devastating situation. Alongside Keegan, Florence, Phoenix, and Calvin, Ethan was among a group of twelve calves purchased from a veal farm by “rescuers”. The individuals who purchased the calves neglected to get them veterinary care for an entire week. As a result, seven of the twelve calves passed away, and the remaining survivors now carry a disease that prevents them from being with other cows. Despite their hardships, Ethan and his companions have found solace and companionship at Animal Place, where they are cherished and protected. Your support can ensure that Ethan and his friends continue to receive the care and love they deserve. Stand with Ethan and help us provide them with a safe and nurturing environment, where they can thrive for the rest of their lives.


Calvin, a spirited and playful cow, has a deep love for food and a charming assertiveness. Alongside Keegan, Ethan, Florence, and Phoenix, he defied the odds as a survivor of a neglectful “rescue” that deprived them of proper care. Calvin was the most ill and spent nearly 2 months in ICU at UC Davis Veterinary Hospital. Stand with Calvin and help us provide them with a safe and nurturing environment, where they can thrive for the rest of their lives.

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